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Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut In “Lost River”

LOST_RIVER_SXSW_OneSheetThere aren’t many ways to make money in Lost River—it’s a town full of abandoned and torn down buildings. Bones (Iain De Caestecker) strips homes for copper and sells them for a few dollars, hoping that by fixing an old car he’ll be able to get out of this town. What keeps him here? His mother Billy (Christina Hendricks) his baby brother and his crush next door named Rat (Saoirse Ronan).

Billy is struggling to pay the rent on their rickety, old house.  To make more money Billy is given the opportunity by her bank loaner Dave (Ben Mendelsohn) to work at an insanely gory nightclub that specializes in horror burlesque—a very creepy place.

Rat explains to Bones that Lost River has been put under a curse ever since the town next to them was flooded (on purpose). The bad spell hits Bones when he gets into trouble with local gangster (Matt Smith) who’s known for rioting, disfiguring people’s faces and who is just an overall psycho.  Billy is also negatively affected because Dave wants to be more than just a nice guy, helping out a woman and her kids.

Is there hope for Billy and her family to get out of Lost River?

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The Breakdown:

Ryan Gosling: This American fantasy-neo-noir film is written, produced and directed by Canada’s very own Ryan Gosling in his directorial debut! So if you’re a fan, you’re pretty much obligated to watch it.BTS_00175.CR2

Blood: The star dancer at the night club is Cat (Eva Mendes). She doesn’t strip though, instead she sexily mimes bloody disfiguration and the audience loves it.  Billy’s act involves cutting her face to make it look like she’s peeling her skin off, showing her veins and a lot of blood. If you’re squeamish around blood this movie might be tough on your eyes.


Music: I usually don’t notice the sounds or music played during the movie unless it’s a song I know. However, I must admit that the music really played on my emotions during this film—it was really well done!

Lost River is playing at the Royal Cinema in Canada from April 24 to 30. But for now, check out the trailer to see Ryan Gosling’s shooting skills!

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