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Saidat: Motivating Students To Believe In Themselves

Recently, Faze got the opportunity to do a short interview with Saidat, a youth motivational speaker who visits schools all over Canada and talks about anti-bullying to students. In the interview, Saidat discusses her interest in the topic of anti-bullying, her influences and her future goal of having her message recognized worldwide. She is a passionate and persistent individual who will definitely achieve this goal, so be sure to check out our interview to learn more about herself and her amazing program!

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What inspired you to become a youth motivational speaker?

Saidat: I was inspired to become a motivational speaker because I don’t want young people to waste years of their life feeling bad about who they are, but to know that they’re surrounded by a lot of people who support them. I remember I used to do that.

Why is the issue of bullying so important to you?

Saidat: It’s so heartbreaking for me to hear the stories of students who can’t enjoy their school life, or their childhood, because they’re being harassed or bullied by someone. I really believe that society is now bringing more awareness to the subject and more students can start to feel like they’re not alone. It’s okay to tell someone if you’re being harassed and its okay to talk to someone when you’re feeling threatened because no person needs to be where they feel threatened. This world is filled with other people who really want to help them and I hope that more and more young people understand that and continue to reach out for help.

In your opinion, are there any particular trends amongst Canadian students who are educated on anti-bullying verses those who are not?

Saidat: I think bullying happens to students and people of all walks of life. I think that more people bringing awareness, more people will come together and want to be the solution to bullying. The best way to combat it. and the best way for us to be educated. is to continue to talk about it, continue to find solutions and continue to have more and more young people stand up for not only themselves and each other. We all have a story, and if we all appreciate that difference, we will all be able to get through this.

What is the biggest factor that triggers bullying?

Saidat: The biggest factor that triggers bullying is when a person feels that they are able to have power over someone else’s mind and emotions. When a person feels like they can be a puppeteer that pulls the strings of his victim, they feel like they have more power. They try to get more people involved. I think that there’s more awareness of bullying now and more people are willing to say: “Hey, we will not tolerate this”.

How does the incorporation of music, dance and movement in your presentations help with your message?

Saidat: I use music, dancing and drama as a tool to be able to speak to students in a way that’s not being preachy, but a more of engaging way. Most people know what to do but need to be encouraged to do with a little bit more and some people just need to see you in a different light. Maybe they heard something I said, saw dance move or a listened to a  song that really touched their heart. Everything that I do, I just want that one thing to stand out to them that could change their life and I believe that music has a story and music can speak to anyone. It can change a mind and even change a nation.

Do you believe that one day we can completely abolish bullying from all schools? 

Saidat: Bullying will always be around as long as we have a human race but I believe that the more we talk about it and the more people come together, we’re going to see less and less of this. If we continue to have zero tolerance for bullying in our schools we will see less and less bullying.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Saidat: You can expect to see me go nationwide school tour with the goal of motivatining more people to have a growth mindset and to believe that they can learn anything they want to if they listen, ask more questions and try their best to work together and helpeach other make a big difference in our world. If we spread kind words and actions we’re going to be able to make this world a greater place so I plan to take that message worldwide.

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