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Sara’s Quick Guide To Cell Phone Etiquette


Today’s technology has advanced so far that we can now carry an entire communications system in the palm of our hand. But what we’ve gained in technology we’ve lost in common courtesy and politeness. Where have our manners gone? I think it’s time we laid out acceptable cell phone etiquette.


There are number blockers running around everywhere trying to trick me into talking to them. Call display is there for a reason. It gives me the option of deciding who I want to talk to and who I don’t want to waste my time with. Chances are, if you have to block your number to get me to answer the phone, I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU, so get over it.


If you’re conversing with me face to face, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  Do not talk to me and check messages or play games at the same time. This is so rude. The worst though, is when someone begins text messaging right in the middle of our conversation. It’s insulting because they’re having two conversations at once and I know they’re not really paying attention to me.

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I’m sure everyone understands the term ‘minutes.’ If you don’t, listen up! Cell phones are expensive. Most plans come with free evenings and weekends and a preset limit on daytime minutes. Everything you use above and beyond these minutes costs a lot of money. Therefore, you will not call my cell phone “just to say hi.” You will only call me if you have a good reason; otherwise you are just wasting my money.


Ever hear a phone ring the theme of Howdy Doody? If you haven’t, you’re one of the lucky ones. Here’s a little friendly advice for all you people out there trying to find the perfect ring: DON’T. The standard one works perfectly well and isn’t nearly as annoying as hearing a bad synthesized version of ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’! This also applies to ringer volume. Not everyone needs to know that you have a cell phone. So keep it at a reasonable level.


The infamous “other line” we refer to so often has been a curse. There are few things more irritating than being in the middle of a conversation and being asked to hang on for another call. So, if you are speaking to me, you will ignore that beep until our conversation is complete. If the call is extremely important, (you’ll know because the caller hasn’t used number block!) you may politely ask if you can call me back. Under no circumstance will you leave me on hold for more than fifteen seconds. Ever!


I’d been waiting for the latest installment of The Fast and The Furious for over a near a year and I didn’t appreciate my enjoyment of it being interrupted by someone’s cell phone ringing and disturbing the entire theatre. Cell phones have that nifty option of VIBRATE, so use it!

That’s the way I see it.

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Sara Cauchon is a popular TV host on a numerous shows including GirlzTV, Rooms That Rock, Global News. And one of our friends: Sara has joined Faze on exciting trips to places like San Diego and Tobago!!!

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From Faze Magazine Issue #11

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