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Solange Knowles Interview: When Big Sis is Famous


If you have an older sister or brother, then you know how rocky the relationship can get sometimes. Some days you’re glad they watch your back and on others you wish you were an only child. But, if you play it just right, having an older sis or bro can come in handy.

Just ask Solange Knowles, aspiring singer and younger sister to Beyonce Knowles of multi-platinum selling group Destiny’s Child. Though critics are eagerly standing by to write her off her debut album Solo Star as a by-product of Beyonce’s mega success, Solange is keeping her attitude and outlook positive. “I’ve had a lot of doors open because of her but at the end of the day, I hope my talent will out shine any connection I have,” says Solange. With dreams of making it big as a singer since she was a child, having a famous superstar as an older sister has definitely helped along the way and says, “Musically, Beyonce supports me. Personally, she says to stay humble in the business.” And like big sis, her career is also a family affair with her father as manager and mother as stylist.

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Solange started her career as a back up dancer for Destiny’s Child, and after two years of experiencing the highs and lows of stardom through her sister’s ordeals, Solange is still determined to pursue her dreams. She has to her credit her debut album Solo Star. When asked about the impending comparison to her sister’s music, Solange remains confident, “I don’t think that anyone wants to see two of the same artists out there. By just letting it be known that I’m coming out as Solange (and not Beyonce’s little sister), hopefully shows I’m dependent on myself. I’ve had to work hard; just like she has to get into this [business]. I’ve had to go through all the grueling schedules. Nothing has come easily for me.”

Despite the international super-success of big sis, Solange never saw her as a hard act to follow or as someone she needed to compete against. She realized early that she could only do her best and be herself. “Don’t try to live up to your siblings’ expectations. Don’t try to live up to what other people are going to expect of you. You basically have to enter the game knowing that you have to be confident, you have to be yourself and you can’t rely on anyone else to create a success story for you, otherwise it’s all a gimmick and it’s not real.”


Written by Faze contributor Alison Preiss

From Faze Magazine Issue #11

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