Student News From Canada And Beyond, Issue 11

Brothers fight to save their sister

Teen brothers Serge, Marc and Steve Gravel of Sudbury, Ontario were charged with kidnapping their four-year-old sister. The brothers claim their mother was addicted to painkillers and boyfriends who would abuse them. Fearing for the safety of their baby sister, Marc recalls telling his brothers, “Guys, this is critical. She’s got to get out of here now.” They took the girl and immediately called police to report what they had done and asked for a promise for the girl’s safety, but were shocked when they were arrested instead. The charges were eventually dismissed.

Source: CTV News Staff

Reality of Jail

Trois Rivieres, Quebec, is using a unique approach to try and keep teens out of jail—putting them in prison. It’s more of a museum, but just as scary. When the teens show up at En Prison, they’re booked, fingerprinted, and locked up. It’s all part of the 90-minute tour led by ex-convicts, who are pros at explaining what prison life is really like. Former inmate Eric Gagne says he thinks many teens believe prison life is a joke. “By the time they leave, they’ve changed their mind,” he says.

Source: CTV News Staff and The Canadian Press

Possessed by Cartoons

The parents of three Peruvian teenagers claim the teens have been possessed by a Japanese TV cartoon show. The parents report that after watching an episode of Dragon Ball Z, the teens have gone mute, had convulsions and lost their memories. Doctors examined one of the teens but have not yet come up with an explanation for his condition. One of the cartoon’s characters is Babidi, a mind-altering wizard who uses his powers to “bring out the evil in people’s hearts and control them”. Doctors continue to study the cases.


Old Man Killed for Groceries

A man and four teens were arrested in Tzaneen, South Africa for killing a 78-year-old man and stealing his groceries and pension money. The victim was sleeping next to his wife when a group of people broke in and hit him on the head. His wife was too afraid to seek help and stayed with her dying husband until a relative arrived at the house the next morning. Police suspect the individuals are part of a syndicate that robs residents of groceries.

Source: African Eye News Service

Teen sets Atlantic sail record

Britain’s Sebastian Clover, 15, has become the youngest single-handed sailor to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He raced against his father (who was in an identical yacht) covering 4,800 kilometres from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Antigua in 22 days. Sebastian—who has been training for the three-week race since he was 12—lost to his father by only 128 kilometres.


Teen Charged in Prostitution Ring

Jamal Rivers, 17, was charged with first and third-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, transferring a female for prostitution and pandering. He has become the second person charged in a cult-like prostitution ring that spanned Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago. The ring, involving girls as young as 13, used sexual assault, beatings and threats to keep the girls, many of them runaways, estranged from their families and under control.

Source: The Associated Press

From Faze Magazine Issue #11

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