Student News From Canada And Beyond, Issue 13

Toy Handcuffs Lands Teen in Court

Police found metal handcuffs in Raymond Maher’s car when it was pulled over and searched in Woolooware, Australia. The 19-year-old was summonsed to appear in court on charges of possessing a prohibited weapon. The handcuffs, which cost less than $5, could be opened without a key, had a safety latch and is recommended for use by children eight years and over.


DVD-Cracking Teen Acquitted

A Norwegian teenager was acquitted in a case of violating computer break-in laws with his program that circumvents security codes on DVD movies, which would make possible illegal copying of films. Head judge Irene Sogn said no one could be convicted of breaking into their own property, and that there was no proof that Johansen or others had used the program to access illegal pirate copies of films.

Source: Associated Press

14-Year-Old Drivers

Thanks to a twist of Italian law, 14-year-olds can drive minicars, though they can’t get licenses until age 18. Because the vehicles are classified as small mopeds they don’t require a license to operate. So, even adults whose licenses have been revoked, or who wouldn’t qualify for a license because of health problems including bad eyesight, can drive minicars. Although they cannot legally go faster than 48 km/h, young drivers say most are suped up, with some going over 100 km/h.


Global Hunger Solved?

Kara Barfett, a high school student in London, Ontario, came up with an award-winning science project focused on artificial cells as a feed additive for pollution control in aquaculture. Kara won close to $4000 at the annual Canada-Wide Science Fair, the right to compete for a trip to the Stockholm Water Conference, and a scholarship to attend the University of Western. “The resulting bio-filter innovation outperforms technologies used in the aquaculture industry, at a lower price and is a solution to global hunger and pollution,” Kara says.


Teen Found During Trial of her ‘Killer’

Four years after she vanished and two years after her family gave her up for dead, an Australian teenager has been found alive in the middle of the trial of her suspected killer. Natasha Ryan, now 18, had been living with her boyfriend Scott Black, 26, a milkman, half a mile from her mother’s home. There had been several claimed sightings of Natasha but it was not until they were given a tip-off that the police found her hiding in a cupboard when they raided Black’s home the following day.

Source: The Guardian Unlimited, Australia

Officer Makes Teens Exercise Topless

A Florida police officer has resigned after he forced a teenaged girl to exercise topless. Patrick Shields, 31, resigned after making the 16-year-old girl do five jumping jacks and her boyfriend do 20 with their shirts off. He made them perform the exercises as an alternative to being arrested for indecent behaviour. The girl said she and her 19-year-old boyfriend were fully clothed while in their car. She added Shields also shined his torch on her while she did the exercises. A criminal investigation is underway and Shields could face charges.


From Faze Magazine Issue #13

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