Student News From Canada And Beyond, Issue 21

School Project Inspires Low-Cost Airline

Age is just a number proves 18-year-old Daniel Reilly from Merseyside, England, after launching the low-cost Nexus Airlines from his bedroom. Daniel was inspired to create Nexus Airlines after completing a business plan on setting up an airline for his A-level business studies project. “I called around a few airlines and asked how they had done it and I slowly realized it was quite achievable,” says Daniel. “I’ve always been interested in aviation…I started flying lessons when I was 16 and my friends and I started joking about buying a plane and flying people around the world.” Nexus leased a Boeing 737 plane and plan to fly from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport in November. Daniel’s innovative and business savvy mind has turned him into Britain’s and possibly the world’s youngest chief executive of an airline.

Source: BBC News

Gaming Can Kill

Have your parents ever warned you that too much video gaming is not good for you? The death of a South Korean guy from playing 50 hours of video games proves there’s truth in the matter. For 3 days, 28-year-old Lee glued himself to a computer at an Internet café in the southeastern city of Taegu, South Korea, playing on-line battle simulation games; only leaving the computer to go to the bathroom and take short naps. His long absence sent his mother to look for him at the café as she tried to convince him to return home. He promised to come home after he finished his mammoth session but died a few minutes later. “We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion,” says a Taegu provincial police official. According to Lee’s colleagues he quit his job in order to devote more time to playing video

Source: Reuters

Move Over Atkins, McDonalds New Diet Secret Diet

McDonalds isn’t so bad for your health, according to Merab Morgan from Henderson, North Carolina. She claims to have lost 33 pounds by eating mostly burgers for 90 days. Merab began her diet to prove her exclusive McD diet isn’t as bad for your health as Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock made it seem. Merab memorized the calories in every menu item so she would consume only 1400 calories a day. After trying and failing at Weight Watchers and Atkins diet from lack of time and money, Merab switched to McDonalds “the poor man’s” diet. However, the success of Merab’s diet still worries Nutritionist Barry Popkin. He argues eating just McDonalds isn’t healthy and insists Merab needs vitamins, minerals, fiber, and dairy to ensure her health.

Source: NBC

Crawling For Kids

Leo Chau and Sean Duffy, two US students, crawled for 45 hours through hail, lightning and freezing conditions in Colorado Springs to raise $20,000 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Leo and Sean crawled for 32 miles and were forced to remain in their crawl positions on their 15 minute breaks, even when using their “poop tents.” After the event both students were taken to the hospital to receive treatment for dehydration and a toxin called CPK that is secreted from severe muscle breakdown. During the crawl Sean suffered hallucinations and motion sickness while Leo suffered severe dehydration. “Sean was mentally gone. He thought he was crawling on The Washington Post newspaper. Literally,” said Leo. “Never before have I seen two humans or any human for that matter, go through so much pain and agony to reach a goal,” said spectator Ryan Roth. For their record breaking crawl Leo and Sean made it into the Guinness Book of World Records after beating Peter McKinlay and John Murrie’s 1992 record of 31.44 miles.

Source: The Stanford Daily

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