Student News From Canada And Beyond, Issue 9

Seven Years for Fatal Beating

An Edmonton teenager convicted of manslaughter in a cruel schoolyard beating was handed a seven-and-half-year prison sentence.

Dallas Lucien Morin, 16, pleaded guilty for his part in the beating of 14-year-old Garett Lawrence Dumont. The victim was beaten so badly that police had to use fingerprints to identify him. He died in hospital from head injuries several days after the beating. The trial of another teenager charged with second-degree murder in Dumont’s death is scheduled to begin later this year.


How Is My Driving?

The “I Promise” Program, designed by an Ontario social worker, is aimed to improve teen driving.

When families join the program they are given a sticker with a phone number on it that is displayed on the car so other motorists can call to report any unsafe driving. A letter documenting the call comes in the mail. The program does not affect official driving records but could potentially save millions of dollars in insurance claims.

Each year over 8,000 youth die as a result of car crashes in North America and over 400,000 sustain physical injuries.


Teen Guilty in Train Wreck

A Nova Scotia teenager has pleaded guilty to causing a Via Rail derailment last spring. The 14-car train jumped the tracks, injuring 23 passengers and all but destroying many of its railcars.

Lawyers asked the judge to allow the boy, 14 at the time, to participate in a restorative justice process. If the judge agrees, people directly affected by the wreck will be allowed to decide what punishment the boy receives. Possible restitution could include community service, or a term of incarceration.


Bribe Scandal Rocks Oxford University

Rev John Platt and Mary-Jane Hilton have resigned from the elite British university in the wake of bribing allegations.

A reporter posing as a wealthy banker offered cash to secure a place on a law-degree course for his son. Apparently, Platt agreed to create an extra place in return for a donation of £300,000 (approx. $675,000). Platt and Hilton said they acted without authority from Oxford.

(Source: South African Press Association)

Kazakhstan Teens Kill for Music

Three troubled boys are accused of axing and knifing to death a security guard, a nurse, two assistant instructors and two 16-year-old orphans.

The boys told police they only wanted to scare their orphanage wardens in retaliation for not being allowed to listen to music.

The attack prompted widespread debate over the state of Kazakhstan’s underfunded, marginalized orphanage system. Several of the children living in the dilapidated facility had psychological problems, officials said. Many Kazakh orphanages, however, lack qualified medical personnel to deal with such problems.

(Source: Associated Press)

Massachusetts Teen Raises $30,000

Jill Springer, 16, said, “I thought I could do more…so I did.”

At the age of 7, Jill began canvassing her Freetown neighbourhood, with her parents, in support of The American Cancer Society. Over the years she has proven herself as a fund-raising extraordinaire for the very-deserving organization.

For the past few years Jill has been active on their clean-up committee as well as becoming chairperson of the first-ever youth recruitment committee. “When I’ve helped somebody and I see a smile on their face… it touches my heart,” she says.

(Source: South Coast Today)

From Faze Magazine Issue #9

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