Super Cool Tech Toys That You Should Know About

Technology these days, eh? It seems as if some of the tech gadgets in your house have the ability to do everything – like cook you dinner, fold your laundry, maybe take over the world? Living in the 21st century, where the tech industry is blowing up faster than Taylor Swift’s career, it’s no surprise that we are constantly being introduced to newer and cooler gadgets. Here’s a list of 5 of the coolest tech toys (any of which would make a great Christmas present – hint, hint).

1. LED Clock Fan

This baby is cool. And by cool, we don’t just mean wonderfully unique, we mean literally cool. This fan not only is your best friend on a hot sticky day, it’s also a clock (to let you know when happy hour starts)! How it works is super simple: all you need is a USB outlet and voila! You’re suddenly cool as a cucumber, and you will never lose track of time.

usb clock fan

2. Grippy

You know when you’re driving with your phone or a hot slice of pizza on your car dashboard, and you make a sharp turn and splat… the phone has disappeared under the passenger seat and your pizza is no longer hot or delicious? Yeah, we’d like to avoid that. This anti slip mini mat is not only convenient, but it holds on to practically anything. From iPods to books, these mats are a guarantee that everything makes it home in one piece.


3. Smartphone Projector

We’ve all been there –  wanting to catch a rerun of Friends on Netflix, but your teeny tiny iPhone screen just isn’t doing it for you. This smartphone projector is a foolproof way to roll your eyes every time Ross says, “We were on a break!” Just slide your phone directly into the insert box and you’ll be well on your way to getting trapped in an unintentional marathon. This is a sure way to have a movie theatre whenever you want – now, if only it could also provide the popcorn.

smartphone projector

4. Touch Screen Gloves

Picture this: standing out in the bitter cold, waiting for your friend to pick you up for dinner. She’s late. “Maybe I should text her”, you say to yourself, while your teeth chatter in the wind. You pull out your phone, and your hands automatically turn into popsicles. Not a pretty sight, am I right? With these handy (pun intended) touch screen gloves, kiss your icy fingertips goodbye, and say hello to texting in -30 degree weather. These gloves have the latest technology that includes interwoven conductive fibers, which work on any touch screen. So go ahead, text your friend. She’s 15 minutes late!

touch glove

5. Spaghetti Fork

Ever get tired of twirling your mom’s favourite Bolognese spagetti? For all you lazy eaters out there, we’re here to help. It’s simple. This is the utensil that will do all the work for you. All you have to do is eat. This fork will wind up your spaghetti in a perfect manner; all you have to do is ask for some more parmesan.

twirling fork

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