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11 Super Cute School Supplies You Need To Have

The first day of school is right around the corner. You may have already treated yourself to a new fall wardrobe, a back-to-school haircut and most of your school supplies, but there are still a few items you should add to your list. With the following eleven adorable school supplies, you will go back to school both prepared and in style.

1. Mod Cloth Calculator Notebook, $12

Always stuck forgetting what colour notebook is for what subject? Well fear not, you’ll never be confused with this calculator shaped notebook. If you’re ok with writing without lines, this notebook is perfect for math class.

Calculator Notebook
2. Perpetual Kid Palm Tree Pen, $7

Even though summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t make school a little more tropical. With this pen shaped like a palm tree, you can daydream of your perfect getaway straight from your desk.

Palm Tree Pen
3. Perpetual Kid Pretty Patterned Sticky Notes, $2

Just because you have to study doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! These pretty patterned sticky notes will make your notes both informative and great to look at.

Pretty Patterened Sticky Notes
4. Zazzle Sprinkle Dry Erase Board, $22

Have your friends leave you sweet messages in your locker or leave yourself small reminders on this sweet dry erase board.

Sprinkles Dry Erase Board5. See Jane Work Geometric Pastel Pencil Set, $9

Know what pencils are yours when you lend them to your classmates with these stylish geometric pencils. The variety of colours and styles make them subtle yet different than the normal yellow pencil.

Geometric Pencils
6. Chronicle Book Ryan Gosling Blank Journal, $9

You don’t have to get in trouble for staring at cute boys in class or oogling at your Instagram feed with this adorable journal. You can stare at your favourite Canadian on the cover of your notebook and have your teacher thinking you’re paying attention.

Hey Girl Notebook

7. Urban Outfitters Dessert Puzzle Erasers, $10

If you didn’t have time for dessert at lunch, you can always have some in the class period after. These mini dessert erasers, although not edible don’t just look cute, they can also fix your small mistakes. Small dessert plate included!

Dessert Erasers

8. Keep Ya Head Up Notebook, $9

If you can’t get that difficult math question or that draft of your 1000 word essay is getting you down, just close your notebook, take a deep breath and read the inspirational cover to get you through your day.

Keep Ya Head Up Notebook

9.Jansport Superbreak Backpack, $36

You can have your donut and wear it too with this pink and fabulous backpack.

Donut Backpack

10. Forever 21 Mini Scented Gel Pens, $7

These gel pens will help you throw it back to your childhood (scented markers and gel pen tattoos anyone?) while also making your notes look and smell amazing.Mini Mini Gel Pens

11. HDE Food Shaped 8GB USB, $5-$11

If you’re using a USB a lot for school, might as well make sure it’s something you won’t want to lose. Coming in almost every indulging food shape ranging from ice cream to sushi to chocolate bars, these flash drives are super cute but may make you a tad hungry.

Food USB



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