Tech Trends: What’s New This Season?

Here are a few of the latest products across various categories that represent new consumer tech trends.

Timex TMX2 MP3 System

Timex TMX2 - Tech Trends
The TMX2 mp3 system by Timex is a clippable watch with alarm and countdown timer that also plays up to two hours of music. Clip it to your knapsack, your jeans or just toss it in your bag. With 64MB storage, you can also store other files worth saving like homework assignments, pictures, and video clips.

Nokia 7659 Cell Phone

Nokia 7650 cell phone
If you have something to say, and you find yourself speechless, share it with the new Nokia 7650. This cell phone includes an integrated digital camera for taking and storing photos, which you can email directly from your phone. So, instead of spending ten minutes describing the hottie in the mall, email a picture.

Blu-ray Disc Technology

Blu-Ray Discs
Blu-ray discs will be replacing DVDs as the new standard for home entertainment. The current single sided, single density DVD can record just over two hours of regular TV broadcasts while the new disc will have the capacity to record 13 hours. Imagine the entire Star Wars series all on one disc.

Tierney Rides Hybrid Skateboard

Tierney Rides Skateboard
Tierney Rides offers a skateboard that rides like a snowboard. Torsion Response Technologytm makes serious, aggressive street carving possible. You can carve the sidewalk with ease and cruise with less rolling resistance, greater control, and get a totally fluid ride. If you’ve got to go somewhere, go in style.

Nike Sphere Sports Clothing

Nike Sphere

Nike Sphere technology amplifies your body’s own ability to heat and cool itself. Its 3-dimensional fabric architecture creates air space between your body and what you’re wearing, to create your own personal atmosphere.

Nike Sphere

Written by Faze contributor James Chung

From Faze Magazine Issue #10

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