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“The Wolverine” Is An Action Film With Heart (And Claws)

Featuring Hugh Jackman and rising stars Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima (who we interview below)

the wolverine on dvd japan
The fight of his life will be for his own.

The Wolverine, the second film headlining X-Men character Wolverine, takes viewers once again into the turbulent world of Logan (Hugh Jackman), a mutant with healing abilities who has an adamantium-infused skeleton that gives him the famous Wolverine claws.

It begins with a flashback, when Logan is being held as a POW in Japan, and he saves a young officer named Yashida from an atomic bomb.

Flipping back to the present, Logan is being tormented by the guilt of killing Jean Grey (at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand), so he’s hiding out in the Yukon. Working on behalf of the now elderly Yashida, a mutant named Yukio (Rila Fukushima) with the ability to foresee someone’s death finds Logan and brings him back to Japan. Yashida is on his deathbed and wants to repay his life debt.

But a trip for the Wolverine is never that simple. Yashida may have a secret agenda, his granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto) gets kidnapped and Yukio gets a vision of Logan’s death. Will he make it out of Japan in one piece?

The Wolverine on DVD

Here’s the run down:

Drama: Betrayals, family rivalries, haunted pasts—The Wolverine is steeped in more than just superhero fighting…

Action: …but there’s a good amount of action sequences involved. On top of buildings, trains and through snowy mountains, Logan has to be prepared to fight anywhere and everywhere.

Romance: Though you’re not sure at the beginning who he’s going to fall for—the ninja Yukio or the heiress Mariko—sparks definitely fly off the screen.

Hugh Jackman and rising stars Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima

Faze caught up with the female stars of the film Tao Okamoto (who plays Mariko) and Rila Fukushima (who plays Yukio) to chat about what it was like to be on set of an iconic superhero film.

What was the highlight of working on The Wolverine?

Tao Okamoto: Working with the same crew for five months and becoming like a family. It was really sad when I was leaving. Everyone was tearing up. It was really nice to feel like I was a part of creating something.

Rila Fukushima: Working with an amazing cast and crew. Also, I did a lot of action sequences, so that was a fun experience, but also really challenging.

What was it like to work with Hugh Jackman?

TO: He is just the nicest. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone like him for my first time, because I had no idea what it would be like to act in a big Hollywood movie. He’s really a generous person.

RF: He inspired me a lot. He’s an amazing actor, but at the same time he’s a generous person.

Was it all serious or did you have some fun on set?

TO: Hugh was always joking around and making people laugh a lot. They had a big derby, and Australian horse race and he bought tickets for everyone on set.

How long did you train for?

RF: I had three weeks of training before we started filming, which is not enough [laughs]. But the stunt team trained me really well.

What is the best part about having an acting career?

TO: Being someone else is really the beauty of acting for me. The director asked me what I wanted to do and what I thought this character would do. And then he wrote my ideas into this character. It was really nice to feel like I was a part of that creation.

THE WOLVERINE is available on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out the trailer!


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