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Valentine’s Day Fragrances With Superpowers You’ll Love

We’ve all heard that certain scents have special powers: they can transport us back in time to a specific moment in our childhood, or make us feel comforted as we remember someone we love, they can make us happy or sad, and it has even been suggested that some scents can help us find the perfect mate (we’ll have double doses of those please!). Here are some fragrances that have superpowers that will make you fall in love with them…


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré

juicy couture sucre
Indulge your sweet tooth guilt free with this delicious fragrance. SRV: $89.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Brazilian gardenia, mandarin, red currant, orange flower petals, peach nectar, cocoa bean and whipped cream!

Superpower: Citrus scents from the mandarin and orange flower petals can boost energy and alertness.

Hugo Iced


A unique blend of invigorating icy ingredients, HUGO ICED comprises the ultimate fusion to empower the wearer to take on the adventures of a daring and expanding world. It creates unlimited opportunities for inspiring and life-changing experiences, whilst evoking the uniquely bold
and irreverent nature of HUGO. SRV: $72.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Iced mint, juniper, bitter orange, wild tea, vetiver.

Superpower: The smell of mint can improve cognition, problem solving and memory!

Elizabeth Arden ALWAYS RED Femme

red door femme
This intriguing, feminine and dynamic interpretation of ALWAYS RED is a spirited and sensual floral expression of the woman who sets the New York City pace. SRV: $65.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Blackcurrant bud, pear, lemon, peach blossom, jasmine, and vanilla.

Superpower: Jasmine is a very calming scent and can promote rest. Oh, and apparently the smell of vanilla will have the boys flocking to you…however, not sure if that has been scientifically proven.


Trini Girl By Nicki Minaj
trini girl

This is as fresh and vivacious as its Trini inspiration. SRV: $39.99.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Litchi, blood orange, apple blossom, exotic Trinidadian Chaconia blossoms, creamy coconut and white musk.

Superpower: The crisp apple scent is linked to helping reduce headaches, while the creamy coconut fragrance can help reduce stress.


Yardley London English Rose

A classic fragrance that will remind you of an English rose garden. SRV: $18.99.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Rose, magnolia, violet, cassis and musk.

Superpower: The scent of the violet is not only known for its sweet smell but its therapeutic properties including fighting colds and infections.


By Invitation By Micheal Bublé
by invitation

Like Michael’s music, By Invitation is both modern and timeless with a stunningly simple yet elegant design. SRV: $60.

Fragrance Notes You’ll Love: Bergamot, lily of the valley, jasmine, peony, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and praline.

Superpower: According to mythology, sandalwood grew at heaven’s gate. Its aroma promotes the feeling of peace, serenity and well-being.


All photos taken with the LG G5.

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