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YouTube FanFest Toronto In 22 Photos

On May 2, 2015 over 7,000 fans gathered at Yonge and Dundas square for YouTube FanFest Toronto. It was a special occasion as we celebrated YouTube’s 10th anniversary and the first North American YouTube FanFest. The fans went crazy as their favourite YouTube Creators like Bethany Mota, Jenna Marbles, Jus Reign and Superwoman took the stage. Check out our summary of YouTube FanFest Toronto in 22 pictures.

1. Kina Grannis snapping a selfie with fans on the red carpet.

Kina Grannis taking photos with fans on the red carpet

2. The fans went wild for Kurt Hugo Schneider. Smile for the camera!

Kurt Hugo Schneider taking selfless with fans on the red carpet

3. Lauren from LaurDIY is killing it as she rocks her DIY’d shirt on the red carpet.

LaurDIY on the red carpet

4. Bethany Mota says confidence is the best accessory any girl could wear.

Bethany Mota posing on the red carpet

5. Check out Jenna Marbles’ rad purple lipstick and green hair. You go girl!

Jenna Marbles takes selfless with fans

6. Jenna Marbles was first YouTube Creator to take the stage. She invited her boyfriend out to take an audience selfie with her.

Jenna Marbles takes a selfie with the crowd

 7. Kina grannis was up next and wow, can she ever sing!

Kina Grannis performing

 8. Lauren brought three mega fans on stage to participate in a DIY tshirt creation contest. Here’s the winner’s design!

LaurDIY tshirt contest

 9. Madilyn Bailey wowed the audience with her unbelievable voice.

Madilyn Bailey singing

10. Mike Tompkins, an amazing acapella singer, had the entire audience dancing during his mind-blowing set!

Mike Tompkins performing

 11. Fans showing off their poster for Jasmeet Singh aka Jus Reign.

Fans holding signs in the audience

12. We are obsessed with Macy Kate’s pink guitar!

Macy Kate performing

 13. Kurt Hugo Schneider, Madilyn Bailey, and Macy Kate performed their patty cake video live!

Kurt, Madilyn, and Macy do patty cake accapello

14. Jus Reign performs as the audience goes crazy!

Jus Reign performing

15. With the help of Jenna Marbles, Michael Stevens from Vsauce and Derek Muller of Veritasium performed the ultimate science experiment. You’d be glad to know that no one got burnt!

Vsauce and Veritasium experiment on stage.

16. Michael Stevens and Derek Muller measure the loudness of the screams from the audience. Toronto reached it’s all time high and probably broke the machine. Toronto represent!

Vsauce and Veritasium test loudness of the audience

17. Bethany Mota checking out her giant billboard in Dundas Square.

Bethany Mota looking at her billboard

18. Bethany brought some tears to the audience with her inspiring self-love speech.

Bethany Mota gives an inspiring speech

19. Epic Meal Time creating the ultimate meal on stage. Hamburger lasagna *drool*!

Epic Meal Time makes food on stage

 20. Harley Morenstein shooting shirts into the audience.

Harley of Epic Meal Time shoots tshirts into the audience

21. David Choi performed a few of his original songs as the crowd went wild.

David Choi performing

 22. Superwoman had streamers and confetti for the ultimate finale to a fantastic show!

Superwoman confetti finale

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