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Getting To Know YouTube Sensation, Kassie Isabelle

A photo of YouTuber Kassie Isabelle.Canadian beauty vlogger and entrepreneur, Kassie Isabelle (a.k.a. CloudyApples on YouTube) has taken the internet by storm. With over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and a following of over 60,000 on Instagram, Kassie has a lot of people supporting her.

Internet fame comes with its pros and cons. Many people have their eyes on you and consider those in the spotlight to be a role model.

“Much of my content highlights the mistakes I’ve made. I want to show people that it’s okay to be a dynamic human being who screws up sometimes. I never want to give people the impression that I am without a flaw. To me, YouTube isn’t about being a fully composed model citizen; it’s about being you.”

Kassie’s all about being herself in front of the camera. Across her channel you’ll see some personal content, as well as videos where Kassie’s talking to her viewers like a regular person and telling a story about her day or a current event. When it comes to beauty, Kassie’s advice is to not over-do it. It took her years to find the perfect balanced lifestyle, but she admits that once she found that balanced lifestyle, her mind, body and skin all benefitted from it. When making lifestyle changes, Kassie says it’s best to take baby steps and be easy on yourself.

12109214_885878134833277_5770029257067885679_nBeing a YouTuber and entrepreneur has given Kassie many travelling opportunities. She’s originally from Canada, but recently got a chance to visit Barcelona for the launch of Love Rocks with Shakira. Kassie even got to eat at one of Shakira’s favourite restaurants where she was shocked when the sous chef recognized her and asked if she could say hi. “It was my first time in Europe and I felt so far from home, but that moment was very comforting and validating,” says Kassie.

Canada has embraced the digital community more in recent years with events like Buffer Festival that is held in Toronto. This event is created by YouTubers, for YouTubers, and allows creators to hold conferences to connect with fans and share their experiences as a digital creator. “Living in Vancouver, it’s hard to have that feeling of community. My entire existence on YouTube up until recently was very isolated.” The isolation that Kassie once felt is why events like Buffer Festival are so awesome to her. She loves the fact that they bring everyone together and allow for multiple networking opportunities.

Although Canada has started to support and embrace digital creators more, many would say that the US provides digital creators with more opportunities. Even though Kassie is a proud Canadian, she admits that not being in LA has caused her to miss multiple opportunities because, after all, it is the entertainment capital with tons of new and exciting stuff going on.

It’s pretty evident that we are currently in a digital age. Technology and the internet have gained high importance in society and many people are developing their careers on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Vine. People are not just posting videos for fun anymore—going viral on the internet is the goal. Being a YouTuber has become a sought after career and everyone’s competing for attention. There are a lot of Beauty vloggers out there, but Kassie has made herself stand out and she has some advice mqdefaultfor up-and-comers too. “Starting out and creating a brand is the hardest part,” explains Kassie. “Find aspects of yourself that you want to share, or find a way that you want to connect with people, and share it in a thoughtful way. Don’t think that you can copy someone else and make it. YouTube is a different place now than it was six years ago. The algorithm works to keep big YouTuber’s big, but there’s always room for a newcomer if you’re bringing something intriguing to the table.”

Not only is Kassie a beauty lover, she’s also a gamer! In addition to her beauty and lifestyle channel, Kassie is launching a gaming channel called GloomGames. (Editor’s note: a couple years later GloomGames has 600,000 subscribers!) Games are a huge part of Kassie’s life. She will be dedicating much of her time in the new year to that channel. She has been practicing her improvisation skills and gaming commentary and believes these skills will also help better her delivery on CloudyApples. Look out for Kassie’s gaming channel in the coming months and be sure to check out her content on social media.

Here’s a great example of Kassie Isabelle doing her thing:

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  1. She had a brother, mother, sister and father.
    Kass talks about it in her Draw My Life video on her channel CloudyApples.
    She is 25% chinese 25% malaysian 25% british and 25% italian. Her sister and herself experienced a lot of racism. They got bullied a lot. One day Kassie’s brother called with a shaken voice, that their sister… I can’t. Go watch her Draw My Life. you’ll understand…..

  2. Her Health and Beauty channel is pretty much dead. She has not posted anything for over a year (Feb 2016 being that last time she uploaded a video), let alone reply to the thousands of people who are wondering why she stopped making videos for that channel…

    1. her new channel is gloomgames she started it back in 2015 and decided to have full concentration on that channel which now has 723k subscribers and she posts regularly btw its a gaming channel

      1. I am fully aware of it and cannot stand the channel – I did specify it was her Health and Beauty channel…

  3. RR it should have a brith date and her bfs and if she had any pets MORE INFO MORE MUTCH MORE AND BETTER MUTCH BETTER




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