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YTV’s Carlos Spills On What It Takes To Become A TV Host

YTV’s “The Zone” host Carlos Bustamante pretty much has THE dream job.

With typical work days that have him dressing up as mariachi band for a shoot, travelling to Los Angeles to interview celebs like Johnny Depp and hosting epic live shows like The Next Star and YTV’s upcoming Summer Beach Bash, it’s really no surprise Carlos’s job as a television host is one that many young teens and students aspire to have one day.

But his job doesn’t just involve talking in front of a camera, something that does come naturally to him. Carlos is also involved in the writing and producing process—really getting a behind the scenes look at all aspects of the television world. Having already accomplished so much, he’s still has big dreams for the future, ones that include being a talk show or game show host, having a podcast and basically just taking over the world of media—we’re all for that!

We took to the time to speak to Carlos to find out just what it takes to make it in this industry. Because who better to ask than the longest reigning host of The Zone? He even gave us some inside info on YTV’s epic Summer Beach Bash that’s hitting Canada’s Wonderland on August 8th!

What made you interested in becoming a TV host? How did you get your start?
Carlos: To be an interviewer, find who’ll give you the time to practice with. And again, watch the people who are really great at it and see how they formulate their questions, how they listen and how they keep the person engaged.

You’ve interviewed a long list of celebs, but is there one interview that’s the most memorable?
Carlos: That would be tough, there are lot of good standouts. But one of my favourites was Robert Downey Jr. when the first Iron Man movie came out, I interviewed him and he was just so cool and so excited. Like it’s amazing to talk to somebody who’s so passionate about what they do. And he was asking me like how did you like the movie, what part did you like the best. And even after the interview was over we talked, they were trying to kick me out of the chair, that was really dope, so that was really memorable for sure.

On August 8th you’ll be hosting YTV’s Summer Beach Bash for the second year in a row, what’s the most exciting part about hosting this live event?
Carlos: I’m excited to host at Wonderland again, we did The Next Star finale every year at Canada’s Wonderland so I’m excited to be back there in a different kind of capacity. It’ll be fun with Lisa, Victor and Suki, they’re just three other awesome hosts that love what they do. And I’m excited to see the audience and see their reaction. Beach Bash last year was at Sugar Beach and we had so much fun, and I think we can only go bigger, and it’s just gonna be amazing to see everyone loving it.

Is there one performer at this year’s bash that you’re personally most excited to see?

Carlos:They’re all super awesome, I really can’t wait to shoot the whole show! I’m pretty stoked to see Francesco Yates. He’s such a nice dude and I met him in the past, just when he was getting his start. He’s such a good guy, a talented musician with an amazing voice. But I could say the same thing for all of our performers. I’m looking forward to seeing XO-IQ perform, Make It Pop is going to be a big thing on YTV they’ve already done so well in the States, and it’s gonna be cool to see them on stage. And also I’m looking forward to seeing the show premiere, I did an episode with them and I can’t wait to see that!

For more details on the  #YTVBeachBash, and how you can join Carlos and the YTV crew, check out their official website. Also be sure to tune into YTV on August 8th at 7pm for a broadcast of the show!

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