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Guest Columnist Zack Werner Gives Himself A Kick In The Ass


Zack Werner, the straight-shooting music industry maven and Canadian Idol judge tells us what ticks him off

Zack Werner - Canadian Idol judge

I started writing this at least 10 times. Do I write about one of the predictable peeves that I face daily? (People who can’t tell the difference between TV and reality; parking tickets; guys who cross-check you in the back; waiters who hate talking to customers; teens who insist that people over 30 “just don’t understand what it’s like for kids these days.”) They all seem like good things to rant about, but they’re not very important.

So, I’m taking these few moments to rant about my own laziness, procrastination, insensitivity, and lack of ambition. My father used to tell me I need “a good swift kick in the behind.” But sometimes we all do.

“Dude, life is passing you by – Use It or Lose It.”

Zack Werner - Canadian Idol judge

It’s too easy to say, “Tomorrow I’m going to start living every day like it’s my last.” But it’s what you do with your life today that’s the true test of a life well lived. By most standards, I am a busy, hard working guy. And I’m generally happy with the things I have accomplished. Still, I feel like life is getting shorter, and far too often, I sit and watch the parade go by. There is so much worth doing and so little time to do it in.

In that spirit, a few words to myself, “Dear Zack: Dude, life is passing you by. Today is the day. Focus on what you want. Then get on it. Work, time, talent, and love—use it or lose it. Zack, as much as I love you, please stop wasting so much of your life away. This is just a friendly reminder. Don’t make me have to tell you again tomorrow. XOXO Zack.

And there’s more from Zack Werner!

Pet peeve:
parking meters

Won’t be caught dead wearing:
baggy jeans

Most annoying phrase:
“Hey aren’t you the guys from…?”

Least favourite food:
peanut butter

Ugliest colour:
pink (every shade)

Silliest song:
everything by 50 Cent

Worst movie:
the one with 50 Cent in it

#1 turn off:
people who call me Jake


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