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Swimsuit Issue: Finding The Right Bikini For You

women's swimwear bikini

Ah, summertime will soon be upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and for many that means relaxing sunny days at the lake, the beach or out on the water. Bathing suits have evolved greatly over the years and modern women have an infinite selection of swimwear options – from conservative one-piece designs to barely-there stringy things. Nothing shouts summer fun like a cute, sexy but classy bikini!

So many styles for a simple garment

Yes, they’re a couple triangles with straps for the tops, and basically the same for the bottoms, but there is an infinite variety to be found. Shopping for the right style, and importantly the right fit or size, is at times maddening, and at times a ton of fun.

There are two ways to style your beach look. You can wear a bikini as a set of matching top and bottom, or you can match a top with a bottom separately. This allows for a new level of creativity and variety in your style, but it also makes sense if your top and bottom are noticeably “different” sizes, as most sets are in matching sizes (e.g. S top and S bottom) and not all of us are built that way.

Here are a few tips when choosing a bikini style:

  • ruffles, padding, and interesting fabric textures or details can help enhance a small chest (do the opposite to downplay your chest)
  • if you are “full-chested” get a supportive top, it will give you important structure and steadiness that will have you looking your best
  • full-coverage bottom, as opposed to a revealing or g-string bottom, can do wonders in distracting from your hips if that is a concern, you can even consider sexy boycut bottoms

There are so many styles out there, from bandeau or cami bikini tops, to high waisted or skirtini bottoms, your possibilities are endless.

bikini styles

Colours and patterns galore

It’s summertime and by its nature it is a time to celebrate colour and vibrant patterns. From bold black or white pieces, to eye catching red, blue or yellow items to start, and then an infinite array of patterns, you’re really can find anything these, in all price ranges from the lowest to the highest budgets.

Here are couple quick examples to get your beach fashion ideas jump started. And have a happy summer!

A modern take on the tie-dye pattern. You can click here for tie dye bikini ideas.
Tie-die bikini

Wow, just wow, an exotic beaded look bikini.
beaded bikini

A more casual “teen” bikini style.
bikini teen

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