Student News From Canada And Beyond, Issue 24

FOUND: Young Man Glued to a Toilet

A 20-year-old in Salisbury, Md., sat down on the toilet in a Wal-Mart bathroom never suspecting that he wouldn’t be able to get up. An employee went into the bathroom, heard someone banging on the wall, and found him glued to the toilet seat. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated before being released.

Source: ABC News

EVIL SPIRITS: The Cause of Fits?

At a high school in Vientiane, the capital of Laos (between Thailand and Vietnam), a young girl was overcome by convulsions. Immediately after, 21 other girls showed signs of similar fits, and the next day 14 more were allegedly similarly affected. Some of the girls were taken to the hospital, but no cause was established. The inhabitants of the village believe the fits were caused by evil spirits and the school was closed while monks were brought in to bless it. The head of mental health at the local hospital suggested the fits could have been caused by stress or shock.

Source: The Canadian Press


It seems North American teens are not satisfied with the knocks they receive while playing high-impact sports. Some are participating in a dangerous pastime known as “locker boxing” or “helmets and gloves.” The matches take place in locker rooms, usually after a game of hockey or lacrosse. The equipment consists of helmets and hockey gloves only, and the participants hit each other on the head until one of them quits or falls down, or a helmet gets knocked off. An article in The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine explains that the considerable risk of concussion is made even more dangerous by the secrecy surrounding the activity, which prevents teens from getting help when they need it. One 14-year-old who got a concussion while locker boxing now has a weak memory and difficulty concentrating.

Source: CTV News


Three boys, only 13 and 14 years old, were found at a SkyTrain station in their hometown of Surrey, B.C., after they allegedly held up a bank in the area. This may not be just a one-time prank for the youngsters, since their possible connection with other recent robberies is being investigated. All of the holdups involved notes being given to the tellers, and apparently no weapons were used. The three were charged and released and are expected to appear in court. According to Corporal Roger Morrow and criminologist Ray Corrado, it is very unusual for such young teens to be robbing banks.

Source: The Globe and Mail


Jessica Meeker will be the youngest student to graduate with a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University in Pennsylvania. While many teens still have little idea of what to do with their lives, Jessica is ready to land the job of her choice. At 12, she enrolled at Pennsylvania State University, at 16, she had a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and at 18, she is about to receive an MBA. But graduating early apparently has its difficulties. Jessica has not yet been offered a job, and although she is glad to have finished for now, she is considering going on to get a doctorate in psychology.

Source: CBS News

Compiled and summaries written by Faze contributor Karen J. McMullin

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