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Summer Beachwear: Our Beach Blast Fashion Shoot

Photographer: Rob Dutchin | Assistant: Jessica Rowlands
Stylists: Alana Berry, Chris Ritchie, Jill Lehman
Clothing:  West 49, Yonge Street Store, Toronto
Shoot at Beach Blast , Toronto – a great beach volleyball venue, for leagues, tournaments, parties
Models: GIRLS: Our multi-talented Editorial Assistant Maya Chendke, Jessica, Inna,  GUYS: Alex, Steven, Cory

Picnic on the beach, anyone?

beachwear - beach blast - picnic

Maya: Hurley T $22, Emily wristbands $10 Alex: Ripzone shirt $30, Quiksilver shorts $80 Jessica: Modrobes Rally shorts, $42 and Rally bikini top $20 (found at Modrobes stores) Steven: Spitfire T $30 and Billabong shorts $75 Cory: West 49 baseball shirt $30 and Ripzone shorts $40

Let’s grab a drink at the bar

beachwear - beach blast - at the bar

Cory: Osiris T $33 and Quiksilver shorts $63 Jessica: O’Neill $70 Alex: Split checkered shirt $35 Maya: Powder Room skirt $45 and tank $20. Inna: Powder Room Bikini $50 and West 49 skirt $40 and Oakley sunglasses $175. Ryan: Vans T $30 and Split shorts $65

Beaches are for relaxing

beachwear - beach blast - at the bar - maya chendke

Cory: Split Polo shirt $55 Maya: Flo Sport dress $60 and Hurley hat $30 Steven: Billabong $75 Jesse: Flip T $33 and Ripzone shorts $50 Jessica: Billabong 73 T $38 and Roxy capri jeans $90 and Roxy scout belt $15

Baby’s got the blues

beachwear - beach blast - at the bar maya chendke

Inna: Powder Room $45 Steven: Zoo York T $33 and Quiksilver shorts $63 Maya: Powder Room $45 Ryan: Billabong Baseball $35 and Billabong shorts $70

It’s all fun and games

beachwear - beach blast - beach volleyball

Jessica: Billabong $85 Inna: Powder Room bikini $45 and visor $14 Maya: Billabong $85 Jesse: Emerica T $33

And…some unpublished behind-the-scenes shoots!

beach blast photoshoot bts
The gang: our models, Faze Editor Lorraine in the middle and photographer Rob Dutchin on the right
beach blast photoshoot bts maya chendke
Rob Dutchin, Lorraine, stylist Alana Berry and Maya Chendke review some angles
beach blast photoshoot bts maya chendke alana berry
Fashion stylist Alana Berry also does makeup!
beach blast photoshoot bts maya chendke rob dutchin
Rob Dutchin gets into the sand to show Maya Chendke the “pose”
beach blast photoshoot bts
Lorraine has the Zoolander crew do some sort of tissue softness test…not really sure what’s going on here
As seen in Faze Magazine, Issue #12

Issue 12 Layne Beachley

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