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This Holiday Season WE Charity Helps You #GiftGood Twice

WE Charity
There’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift that will be loved and cherished by the special people in your life. But wait, there is something better! With ME to WE gifts, not only can you give meaningful gifts to your loved ones, but you can change the lives of families around the world.

WE is a movement that exists for one reason: to make the world a better place. WE believes that you are powerful beyond measure, that anyone can make a difference, that we are defined by our daily efforts and that we are a global community. It’s hard not to support an organization with that kind of purpose, clarity and vision!

Here are some of our favourite ways you can #GiftGood!

Holiday Filigree Rafiki Bracelet, $10

WE Charity

In Swahili, the word for friend is rafiki! This bracelet is an everyday purchase with extraordinary impact. ME to WE works with 1,800 artisans in Kenya and Ecuador creating beautiful gifts that give back to their communities. The Rafiki bracelet is made with glass beads on a stretchy 48″ cord and can be worn your way: as a bracelet, necklace, anklet and more! This gift gives clean water and changes lives by supporting projects like community wells and boreholes.

Gratitude Necklace, $35

WE Charity

This is a daily reminder to be grateful. Each necklace, crafted by female entrepreneurs in Kenya, expresses gratitude in three languages—Swahili, Hindi and Kichwa. These necklaces are 18”-20″ in length and features ethically sourced rose quartz, black jasper, and purple chalcedony symbolizing messages of love, caring, strength and opportunity. This is the gift of education as it supports projects like new schools and classrooms.

Chocolate That Changes Lives, $4.99

WE Charity

Each ME to WE chocolate bar is handcrafted using Ecuador’s prized national cacao bean, Fino de Aroma, and fused with colorful confetti sprinkles. Each delightful 40g bar is made with 42% cacao milk chocolate, is fair trade certified and empowers the cacao farmers who made it to earn a fair wage for their work and ensures children in Ecuador have access to education.

No time to wrap a gift?

Here are a few ways to donate that can change lives and make a world of difference! Every donation gives to one of their five Pillars of Impact: Water, Education, Health, Food and Opportunity.

The Goat That Gives Back, $50

WE Charity

Reindeer get all the credit, but goats can be the real heroes this holiday! Give a goat on behalf of a friend or loved one and support a family with a sustainable source of income.

A Buzzing Business, $75

WE Charity

Bee hives are a great way for families to earn an income that can help provide them with the resources they need to thrive in their community.

Support a Girls’ Club, $100

WE Charity

The future is female. Strong girls grow into strong women who lead stronger communities. Join leaders like WE Ambassador Lilly Singh to help girls in regions where poverty threatens girls’ futures and social status, and invest in girls’ education.

Visit to learn more about the organization and ways you can #GiftGood!
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