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10 Fitting Room Struggles All Girls Understand

Not Enough Hooks In Fitting Rooms

I’m pretty sure every girl has a nice bag that she doesn’t want to just toss on a dirty floor or even nice clothes that she wouldn’t want to have to put in the corner of a fitting room. I personally think that there are never enough hooks in fitting rooms to put both your personal items and all of the clothing that you’ve selected to try on. No one likes having to stack their items on one hook.

No Mirrors In Fitting Rooms

This was possibly the worst way to make fitting rooms for the customers at retail stores. When there are no mirrors in fitting rooms, this is basically forcing you to go out to the big mirror outside of all of the rooms and look to see how whatever you tried on looks. This could either be a good clothing check, or the complete opposite. You could walk out in an outfit that fits horribly and still get employees telling you how great it looks on you, when you know that you would rather go out in a paper bag instead. Lets be real though, it does feel pretty great when you strut out of your fitting room and look in the mirror and realize how good you look in the outfit and know that then you can believe the employees telling you that.

Realizing You Aren’t Wearing The Right Undergarments

Some times you find the perfect shirt, dress or pants and cant wait to try these on. When you finally get into the fitting room and put on your clothes and realize that your wearing the wrong bra or underwear and they make a huge difference in how the outfit looks. Either the bra sticking out weird, or black undergarments when you’re trying on something white, which is completely see through.


Not Enough Space In Fitting Rooms

I think people love walking into those fitting rooms that can barely fit themselves. NOT, these are the worst possible fitting rooms, some of them you can literally just fit yourself and your bag, the tiniest little cubes to change in ever. Then there comes you trying on the clothes in the room, when your putting clothing on and accidently kicking the walls or punching them, not intending to do so. Sometimes fitting rooms feel like a boxing match.

Bad Lighting In Fitting Rooms

You know that you’ve bad lighting when you’re in a change room and you can not tell if the shirt you grabbed is black or dark green, red or purple. The poor lighting forces you to step out of the change room to make sure you’re not going crazy.

Having A Clothing Limit In The Fitting Rooms

When you walk into the fitting room the sales associate tells you that there’s a limit of 5 clothing items, and your world feels like its falling apart because you had all of your outfits planned to try on together.

No Staff To Get You a Fitting Room

When you’ve strategically balanced all of the clothes you want to try on on your arms, it is a sign that there is no one that works around to be found. Standing there is painful and you can’t wait to put all of the clothes into the fitting room to give your arms a rest.

You Cant Find Anyone To Get You Another Size

We’ve all been here, I constantly find myself doing that awkward little head pop out of the fitting room curtain barely clothed to look for a sales associate, then having to do the quick walk to the section of clothing you’re looking for because you cant find anyone.


Trying To Find Your Friends To Ask If What You Tried On Looks Good

Calling out to your friends through the fitting room walls or curtains to ask them how something looks, and you get no answer. So you sadly have to decide on your own whether or not you like what you’ve tried on.


Having So Many Clothes To Try, Then Leaving Empty Handed

This is by far the most sad and depressing thing when at the mall, looking in your favourite store thinking you’re going to look perfect in all of the clothes you’ve chose and by the end of the trip leaving empty handed with no new clothes or accessories.



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