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Make Going Back To School Fun With School Inspired Nail Designs

You know summer is coming to an end when dollar drink days are no longer a dollar (sad face). School  is starting up again which  means no more sleeping in,  festivals and all day mall hang outs. Let’s try to turn that frown upside down by focusing the fun things you can look forward to, like back-to-school nail art.  Here’s our top 10 choices we suggest you give a try!

1. Apple Nail Art

Be the teacher’s pet with these adorable nails.

2. Crayon Nail Art

Colour in between the lines with these cute nails.


3. Pencil Nail Art

Sharpen your pencils and start class in a new way.

pencil nail art

4. Paper Nail Art

Graph or lined?

6. Chalkboard Nail Art

Literally the only nails you can touch to a chalkboard.

chalboard nailart

6. Emoji Nail Art

8. Notebook Nail Art

9. School Bus Nail Art

Don’t miss the bus!

School Bus Nail Art

9. School is Cool Nail Art

10. The ultimate guide to back to school nails


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