CD Reviews: Issue #5


What’s new for back-to-school 2001 for our youthful ears?
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Travis – The Invisible Band

Travis - The Invisible Band

Genre: Pop-rock
Review: This Scottish band is a hot commodity and this latest album will only boost that status. This album has a very special feel to it from the very first track “Sing.” As always, it’s refreshing to find a band with an original sound. Along with Radiohead & Coldplay, Travis is leading the latest British invasion and any concert tour coming through Canada will be a must-see! Let’s hope “The Invisible Band” doesn’t refer to a limited touring schedule.  —Paul

Jessica Simpson – Irresistible

Jessica Simpson - Irresistible

Genre: Pop
Review: Whoops…she’s…grown up! Jessica (now 21) has gone through a mini-evolution since her previous album was recorded at the age of seventeen. Musically, we have a stronger album in all areas and Jessica herself has stepped everything up a few notches, sounding (and looking) like the big star she already is. Supported by her extra-hot videos, Jessica’s star will be rising to new heights this summer.  —Jen A.

Wave – Nothing As It Seems

Wave - Nothing As It Seems

Genre: Pop
Review: Mothers, hide your daughters. This duo from Niagara Falls is likely to break some hearts this year. Debuting with very strong first album, Wave is no cookie-cutter boy band. These guys are talented songwriters, great vocalists, with well-arranged tunes that lean towards a Savage Garden or Goo Goo Dolls feel at times. A little more of an edge might have suited their sound nicely. “California” is one of those songs we’ll remember the summer of 2001 by. Faze sees a lot of potential in these guys and we’ll be keenly following their growth as artists in the years to come.  —Jen A.

Ricky J – Lose Control

Ricky J - Lose Control

Genre: Pop
Review: Mothers, okay, really hide your daughters, and this time we really mean it. This Montreal based DJ turned sassy recording artist has created a nice mix of playful (lusty?) lyrics combined with infectious bouncing grooves and catchy hip hop chorus hooks. “No Means No” which we’ve all heard is really a lot of fun to listen to and the rest of the album follows in the same vein.  —Mike

Jagged Edge – Jagged Little Thrill

Jagged Edge - Jagged Little Thrill

Genre: R&B
Review: Hailing from Atlanta, this talented vocal quartet gives us a good dose of smooth R&B styling on their latest album. Nothing cutting edge or anything to really make us flip out but nonetheless a very strong effort. From upbeat, syncopated hip hop numbers to slow silky love songs this album should do very well on the R&B charts.  —Mike

Prozzäk – Saturday People

Prozzäk - Saturday People

Genre: Pop
Review: The musical adventures of the “animated” characters Simon & Milo continue with their new summer 2001 release, Saturday People. The always-witty (goofy?) lyrics and hip, playful and diverse music (ranging from punk-pop to euro-techno) make this album a whole lot of fun to listen to. Understanding the “background story” of Prozzäk ’s cartoon protagonist s adds to the enjoyment of their musical creations. These guys really should be doing a full cartoon series on TV.

From Faze Magazine Issue #5

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