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Celeb Advice: Going Back To School

What’s the best way to get a fresh start for a new school year?

Summer is over, and it’s time to hit the books! Going back to school can bring a lot of different emotions; it’s a time full of possibility. Faze asked some celebs their advice on getting a fresh start.

 Liz Mace Back To School advice
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What I always did was change my hair. I would cut it, dye it and I would just come back and present myself as the new me!
–Liz Mace (of Megan & Liz)

Luke Bilyk
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For me, one of the things that I would do is change my wardrobe up. If you felt like you were fitting into one group last year, then you can just change your wardrobe, and it’ll make you feel completely new.
– Luke Bilyk

Shay Mitchell
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I think you have a fresh start any day, at any point, whenever. It’s just changing your attitude, changing your perception on something. I think if you go into high school this year saying, “This will be the best year ever,” then you will have the best year ever. And yeah, if you change your mind frame, you’ll be surprised with what will come your way.
– Shay Mitchell


I would go out and get into the best shape I could get. I would make sure that I have all of the equipment I need to be successful in the new school year, so I’d go out and get some fresh gear—a new backpack, pencils, a notebook, some new outfits—whatever I feel like I need to be able to do my best. I’m not saying to go out and buy the most expensive stuff, but you should get the necessities to be successful in school.
– Wesley Stromberg (of Emblem3)

3 ways to prep your closet for back-to-school:

1. Go through your closet and look at what you have now. Can you still use it? Or should you pass it on to a second-hand store?

2. Build on your signature pieces by creating a shopping list that will accent your favourite clothing articles. This is the best way to maximize the number of outfits you can put together.

3. Reorganize, so that when you’re done shopping, all you have to do is tear off tags and fold/hang up.

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