15 Inspiring Quotes By Taylor Swift That You NEED To Share

Having a tough day? Need a quote to share on your Instagram for #MotivationalMonday? Taylor Swift is not only a multiplatinum artist with amazing squad goals, she’s also an inspiration to young girls everywhere. She finds the time to give back, talk to her fans about problems and continues to shed light on self awareness, body issues and bouncing back from bad breakups. Once you read these quotes from T-Swizzle, you’ll feel super confident and motivated to take on the day! And don’t forget, sharing is caring.

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3 thoughts on “15 Inspiring Quotes By Taylor Swift That You NEED To Share

  1. Rishini weerawardane

    She’s one of famous celebrity in the planet. These quotes of her show us how she achieved her goals. And it’s a great motivational for us to. Thanks taylor! Wish you to go through all the difficulties. You’re the one.

  2. Sean McAleavy

    Oh, I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.
    I didn’t realize Taylor Swift was mentally retarded.
    Well, in that case, I’d say she is getting along as good as can be expected. You go, girl!!!

  3. Juan Claudio S. Castro

    Taylor Swift’s sharing of wisdom is reflected not only from her statements, but also from her songs which, if assimilated to life (not only in romance being the most obvious application given by the context of the song), will make one a wiser person.

    The following lines of her song “Ours” concretizes this view:
    “Seems like there’s always someone who disapproves.
    They’ll judge it like they know about me and you.
    And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do.”

    Simply put, just keep going! People may keep buzzing undesirable comments on you. Don’t get affected!


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