Issue 19: Editor’s Letter

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Ashley Simpson on the cover of  Faze Magazine!

I love Spring.

I think it’s because I’m supposed to start anew. You know, forget about the promises to myself I never kept, forgive my shortcomings (and everyone else’s) and begin from the beginning.

I guess the fresh air, warmer weather and sunlight puts us in a better mood so we’re more receptive to self-criticism — if you’re not, you should be. I’m not talking about the destructive kind of critique that makes you starve yourself (see Why Not to Diet, pg.49), but the kind of SCRUTINY that makes you answer some tough questions like why you still care what some catty, insecure group of bored girls whisper behind your back (see Ashlee Under Pressure, pg.26)? Or why you haven’t pulled up your grades, or why you weren’t picked

If you haven’t accomplished your goals, that’s okay. But you can’t go around moping about it or making excuses. You need to get tough with yourself and ask, “What happened?!” and answer honestly — I was lazy, I didn’t make it a priority, I DIDN’T PUT IN THE TIME. And then set new goals (that are realistic) and be very specific: I will practice on the hoops three times a week for 10 weeks, or I will hit the calculus books at 7pm every other day for a half hour, whether I have homework or not! YOU WILL SEE RESULTS if you stay dedicated. Choreographer to the stars, Jamie King, says, “With desire you can do anything,” (see pg.53).

As far as catty girls talking behind your back goes… forget them. Really. Easy as that. They affect you because you let them. Besides, why do you think everyone is supposed to like you? Do you like everyone? Do you realize how hard life would be if you had 500 best friends: all the phone calls you’d have to make, all the sob stories you’d have to listen to, all the secrets you’d have to keep? Don’t let the petty stuff sidetrack you — that was the problem in the first place!

Be patient with yourself. Real success doesn’t happen overnight (see Game Designers, pg.58), but it won’t ever happen if you don’t stay focused on what’s important.

Jono Boysen Ana Kapodistrias Keshia Chanté
Faze co-ops Ana Kapodistrias(L) and Jono Boysen hang with Keshia Chanté, and later watch the shooting of her video for “Let The Music Take You”.

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

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Letters To The Editor

I read an old issue of Faze and it had an article called “Speak for Those Who Can’t” [Issue 17]about speaking against the inhumane treatment of animals. Get real! If we were ‘nice’ to every animal on earth we wouldn’t be at the top of the food chain like we are today. If you want to stop wearing leather shoes, good for you! But don’t force your bleeding-heart ideals on me.
Jennilee, 18, Ottawa, ON

From the editor: We aren’t. The article is there for you to get some facts and then to make up your own mind. By-the-way, we’re at the top of the food chain because we’re smarter not because we’re crueler.

Good CharlotteSimple Plan and The Trews in the same issue [Issue #18]. You guys rawk!
Laura, 14, Deer Lake, NL
cover 18 simple plan

I read the article on “Honour Killings” [Winter’04]. I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t believe women are killed by their own family for the sake of family honour. Now being grounded for a weekend doesn’t seem so bad. Thanks for covering real stuff.
Christene, 16, Westmount, QC

Hey, do you guys really get to meet all the celebs in your magazine? Can I come work for you? Just asking.
Ray, 13, Prescott, ON

Editors: YES! Definitely one of the perks of the job.

Megan, Cyberspace

Ed The Sock And Red

Thanks for the awesome article “Are You Stylish or Trendy?”[Issue #18] I’ve been trying to tell my friend to stop being such a follower and try to be more original, so I got her to read the article and I’ve already started to see a change in what she wears, and even in how she talks! Thanks.
Tara, 14, Lakefield, ON

I know this sounds like I’m a loser so please don’t print my name, but I love your global issue page! For real. I don’t watch the news or anything so it’s great to get some real world info.
Anonymous, 16, Devon, AB

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