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PETA Speaks For The Animals In Need Who Can’t

PETA Rabbit

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been saving animals all over the world, one cause at a time. From their spine-chilling documentaries to their shocking print ads attacking fur-wearing celebrities such as Beyoncé, PETA is truly the voice for animal justice.


Skin corrosion, absorption and irritation methods are used on animals to test chemicals in cleaning products and cosmetics. Some skin corrosion tests involve chemicals on rabbits, and other small animals to determine how corrosive the chemicals are and how much they will irritate the skin. The test chemical is usually applied to shaved skin, the area is then covered with gauze for several hours, and then examined for severe chemical reactions, which often result in permanent injury.

“With every purchase that we make, we are making a choice,” says Alicia Silverstone, one of PETA’s many celebrity supporters. “We can either sponsor cruel, torturous, needless animal testing that destroys countless lives each year or use our dollars to support companies that have proved that it’s possible to make superior products without resorting to barbaric methods and putting their financial bottom line before the most basic rights of all creatures. I choose the latter,” she says.

When Michelle Salgueiro from Thunder Bay, Ontario, found out that cosmetics and household items were tested on animals she thought it wasn’t right. “Who are we to drip chemicals into rabbits’ eyes or force them into the stomach of a mouse just to make a product for our use?” she says. “With all the advancements in computer technology and biology, and the studies that show animal testing have failed, there is no reason to continue torturing and mutilating animals. That is why I don’t buy any cosmetics from companies that still use animals in their research methods.”


Chuck Simple Plan PETA
Those who wear fur to be trendy remain fashionably challenged. Millions of foxes, raccoons, minks, coyotes and beavers are killed every year to satisfy fashion faux pas. Animals raised on fur farms live in urine and feces encrusted cages. Many are found constantly pacing back and forth from stress, while others resort to self-mutilation — a clear indication of going mad. There is no federal law that protects animals on these farms where they die from dehydration and disease. Some are electrocuted, suffocated or stunned and skinned alive.

“I can look anyone in the eye and say I think wearing fur is the dumbest thing in the world, and we want to show what goes into making a fur.” says Chuck Comeau, drummer for Simple Plan. “We want people to see that you actually skin an animal. That would be like taking a human and ripping his skin off and using the skin on your collar because you think it looks good. To me, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Jessika Trepanier from Montreal, Quebec feels the same way, “I hate fur. Seeing people wear fur for appearance only makes me sick to my stomach. Knowing that you’re wearing a dead animal just to look pretty? You encourage animal cruelty and the killing of small, defenceless animals so you’ll look good this winter? This issue seriously makes me nauseous. It’s so unnecessary and there are so many other ways of wearing something even more attractive and appealing to the eye, why kill innocent animals? I always tell people with fur coats or fur accessories that there are so many other ways, learn about them and use them.”

PETA Pamela Anderson


It’s almost inescapable, leather is everywhere. From shoes and jackets, to the seats in your car. But does anyone really know what cows, pigs and goats go through to make a car seat cover or a leather sofa? Every year 35.7 million cows are brought to slaughterhouses to be hung upside down, bled to death and then skinned.

“I look at it as wearing the skin of a child on your back. An innocent victim has been skinned and you’re wearing him or her” says Pamela Anderson.

Benji Maddon of Good Charlotte says he got involved with animal rights because of his love for animals. “I really think that 9 out of 10 people, if they really knew what was going on, they wouldn’t be down with it,” he says. “I think most of it is ignorance. I was definitely one of those people; I didn’t know what was going on. I think most people love animals, how can you not? They’re like perfect people. They don’t do anything wrong. You walk into your house every day and you see your dog or your cat or whatever you have and it makes you smile and makes you happy. Well those other animals out there are just the same.”

From Faze Magazine Issue #17

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