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Okay, Here’s My Ultimate Summer Bucket List

It’s that time of year when classrooms and school uniforms are replaced with beaches and bikinis. While you may have a preconceived vision of how this summer is going to be spent (ice cream dates, camp fires, amusement parks), why not stray away from the usual activities and try something new?

The bright sun and warm weather confirm that summer is finally here. However, with no school to keep you occupied, boredom tends to creep in, and you begin to realize that you’ve already seen every summer blockbuster movie—twice. That’s why it’s time to replace that school to-do list with a summer bucket list. Some items on your list can be just for a fun time. Others will allow you to learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime. But all are guaranteed to leave you with amazing and lasting memories.

Get on TV

There’s no need to enroll in acting classes and hire an agent to make this happen. It’s as simple as signing up to be an audience member for a live show. But for those who want more than an hour of screen time, you can apply for reality show castings in your area. So get off your couch, put away that remote and experience what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen.

Bucket List fulfilled: Naomi Leanage on Much
And what do you know! A year or so later yours truly, Naomi Leanage, was on TV, walking the red carpet at the MMVAs

Start a summer business

Who says the days of having a lemonade stand are long gone? There’s no need to succumb to the usual summer jobs that consist of folding clothes and flipping burgers, when you can use your passions, talents and skills to make some extra cash. If you enjoy cooking, start a catering company. Are drawing and art your hobbies?
Design a clothing line. Your friends and family will be your guaranteed first customers, and from there, you can easily expand. Social media and word of mouth make it easier to find new customers, and there are many grants available, funded by the government and other companies, to help launch your business.

aly silverio jawbreaker
Aly Silverio resisted the typical summer job and opted instead for starting her own jewellery line, which is now the successful clothing brand Jawbreaking.

Grow your own food

A trip to the garden store is all you need to get started on this. From vegetables to fruits, there are many different items you can grow right in your own backyard. Ensure that you have the space and the appropriate growing conditions (climate, soil and amount of rainfall). It takes time, effort and care to ensure the crops grow properly. Visit a local farm or garden to get ideas of what types of crop to grow and how to do it right.

Feed 100 homeless people

Instead of going out and purchasing 100 fast food burgers, grab your friends and take the time to create meals for the less fortunate in your area. A sandwich, a piece of fruit, a juice box and a cookie can easily be put together in a paper bag. Then comes the fun part: distributing it. Inquire at a local shelter, and they can help with the logistics.

Participate in a walk, run, race or marathon

This is a great way to get fit (because you’ll definitely have to prepare and train in advance), raise money for a worthwhile cause (anything from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and gather support from your family and friends. First-timers can try a 5 or 10 km run, while those more experienced can aim for a full 42 km marathon. Check out for a list of upcoming events throughout Canada. For those seeking more thrill and excitement, running through the muddiest trails in Toronto (The Mud Run) or being attacked by colour bombs (Color Me Rad), as you try to make it to the finish line, will definitely satisfy you.

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