6 Things NOT To Do During Your First Week of School

The first day of school is right around the corner. You’ve got your bag packed, outfit picked out and have read every resource out there on how to feel ready for your first day of school. Now what? Whether this is your first day of high school, university, or just another first day of school, there’s always more to learn about how to act now that you’re another grade older. Although there are a lot of things you will be doing during your first week of school, here are six things you may want to avoid.

Sleeping In

The first step to failing is arriving late for class, or worse, not being there for class at all! It may be hard to roll out of bed three hours before you usually do, but it has to be done. Your bed will be  there when you return home at the end of the day and will feel even more comfortable than when you left it.


Skipping Class

It may not seem worth it to go the first week when you’re just learning everyone’s names and what you’re eventually going to be learning over the course of the semester, but by not going you’re just setting yourself up to start a nasty habit of skipping. Plus, the first few days are easy, who doesn’t love playing school icebreaker games and getting to know each other – especially that cute guy in your English class, right?

Wearing Your Lanyard Around Your Neck

If you’re starting your first year of university, you’ll probably want to make sure you keep your student card handy at all times to ensure you make the most out of your meal swipes and just so you won’t lose it. You can definitely keep it on a landyard so it’s easier to find in your purse or backpack, but wearing it around your neck is a big no no. You’ll be easily picked out from the crowd as the new kid in school, meaning everything you do will be underestimated, at least while you’re wearing that lanyard.
Freshman Lanyard

Adding Everyone You Meet On Facebook

It may be exciting to meet all these new faces but you don’t have to add everyone you say “hello” to or sit next to in class. Your Facebook feed may become really exciting and busy for the first few weeks, but eventually you’ll forget where you even know some of the people from and feel creepy looking at someone’s page that you don’t even know.Facebook Friend Request

Showing Up Too Early

It’s always great to be five minutes early, or even right on time, for class but if you’re camping outside the door for twenty minutes before even the professor gets there, it is not the best idea. Not only are you labeling yourself as a very eager beaver, you’re also just wasting your time sitting around.

Fearing the Front

Although you may have the urge to arrive early for class to ensure you aren’t stuck with a seat in the front row, you may want to rethink that. The older you get, and the higher grade you become, being in the front row is more of a blessing than a curse. Gone are the labels of being a “nerd” or “overachiever” and instead come the wonderful things such as you paying a lot more attention and actually understanding the lesson!
College Class

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