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Spring Break Staycation Ideas

With spring break in full swing it might be hard for some of us to watch our friends upload pictures of their beach vacations as we sit at home. But who’s to say that staying at home has to be so depressing. Vacation packages sky-rocket during spring break season, so enjoying your time at home and spending less money might actually be worth your while. Our seven staycation ideas are sure to help you unwind and feel good.

1. Disconnect From The Real World

If you don’t think about the bills you have to pay and the emails you have to send on vacation then the same should apply to a staycation. Turn off your phone and set up an automatic “away from office” email memo. If you can put off your worries for a few days you’re bound to enjoy your time off more.


2. Don’t Do Chores Or Laundry

Unless you’re down to your last pair of underwear, you really should try to avoid chores and laundry because who wants to do chores on a vacation?


3. Have A Spa Day

Whether it’s at an actual spa or with a few bath bombs and face masks at home, a spa day will help relieve the built up tension in your body. These physical treatments won’t just get rid of the knots in your muscles but can improve your mindset and positivity.


4. Go Shopping

Some of us feel better after shopping—ever heard of retail therapy?! You probably would have spent more on a flight anyway.

shopping girl

5. Eat Out

Most of us only eat out on special occasions or when we are not in the mood to cook a meal. Think of your staycation as any other vacation—chances are you probably would be eating an overpriced steak at the hotel restaurant. With many affordable restaurants in the city, why not try something new at a fraction of the cost.


6. Binge Watch Netflix

Because why not re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends?

Friends tv show (2)

7. Read A Book

We all have a list of books that we want to read but don’t actually have the time to read them. Now that you find yourself with time to kill, you have no excuse for not sitting down with a good book.


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