Issue 12: Editor’s Letter

Issue 12 Layne Beachley
Surfer Layne Beachley on the cover of  Faze Magazine!

Running the Ottawa National half-marathon (21K) is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.

Correction—the toughest thing.

Lorraine Zander Ottawa Marathon Nike
Felt great at the start!

I knew way back last winter when I told all of you in our Winter 2002 issue that I was planning on doing it, that it would be a challenge. But I was so not prepared.

I mean, yes, I trained, but I had no idea. Race day was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. The first hour went okay, but it was a nightmare from then on. I think some allergy medication I had taken was having some awful side effects and made the rest of the race nearly impossible.

My legs felt like weights and my head was spinning. I started doubting myself. I didn’t think I’d make it. “I’m really sick,” I told myself, “If I quit now I know everyone will understand.” But then something somewhere else in my brain kicked in and said, “You can do this. You are finishing this—no matter what!” And that was it. And I did.

Lorraine Zander Ottawa Marathon Nike
Just glad to have finished!

I really understand now what world surfing champ Layne Beachley (page 56) is talking about when she says self-belief is key if you want to be a winner. You really have to believe in yourself, against all odds, no matter what your body is telling you or what other people are saying. You have to go for it with no excuses. Just do it! (By-the-way, thanks Mike Beleza and Nike for hanging in there with me.)

It’s great when you get outside support, and know that even strangers are trying to help you out (see Nelly, page 50), but it’s really satisfying when you dig in, do your own thing and see it through to the end (see Be Your Own Boss, page 52).

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

Letters To The Editor

Great tips on cell phone etiquette [Spring 2003], but Sara forgot to mention the one about not giving out other peoples cell numbers. If I wanted someone to have my number I’d give it to them. If they don’t have it, it’s for a good reason!
–Carey, 17, Winnipeg

Ed blasts a reader for condoning his girlfriend’s decision to get a nose job [Spring 2003]. The letter to Ed really didn’t say why she wanted the surgery but he assumed it was just so she could look prettier. Maybe it’s so she could look normal! Maybe the way her nose looks is getting her depressed or something. My point is, just because someone wants plastic surgery doesn’t mean they’re vain or shallow.
–Elizabeth, 16, Toronto

Because of your article, “Calling All Inventors,” [Spring 2003] I’ve decided to follow through on my still secret “revolutionary idea.” Thanks for getting me on track again. Please print my full name so people will know who to look out for!
–John Robertson, 17, Victoria

In your “Battle Against Rape Drugs” story [Spring 2003] you suggest ways of staying safe: stay alert, buddy system, test cards, but how about just not drinking—at least not the stuff they serve? I take my own bottled water when I go partying, and that way I know I have nothing to worry about except having a good time.
–Therese, 16, Montreal

Hey. Great article on junk food [Spring 2003]. I’m sick and tired of people blaming (and then trying to sue) others for their stupid behaviour. People need to get a grip on their own lives.
–Dave, 15, NS

In your Rant [Winter 2002] you ask why there are so many Brittney haters. Here’s why: she uses her fake blonde hair and pushup bras to help her get where she wants to go. Not only is her provocative clothing and fake image helping her, she sells herself short by signing onto Pepsi. It is not about the music anymore, it is the publicity and seeing how much you can make in a year.
–Kaela, Cyberspace

Thanks for covering lacrosse [Lacrosse Rocks, Spring 2003]. It’s the most amazing game and I think everyone should try it. Even girls. And the games don’t cost a lot to go to and they’re way more exciting than baseball or basketball games.
–Rick, 14, Ottawa

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From Faze Magazine Issue #12

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