Issue 16: Editor’s Letter

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Avril Lavigne on the cover of  Faze Magazine!

Stand Tall

Ever notice if someone makes fun of something we love, whether it’s our FAVE outfit, our hobby, or even the way we wear our hair, we seem to become smaller: we tend to bow our heads, slouch our shoulders and try to sink into the floor and out of sight. Well, no more! From this moment on we stand tall. This summer is the dawn of a NEW ATTITUDE where we will no longer apologize for who we are (see our Avril feature story for more inspiration).

Stop worrying about what some SO-CALLED-FRIEND might think, and DO your own thing (see our funky hair makeovers for a little fun). Make this summer a time of discovery when you figure out exactly who you are. Challenge yourself to break away from the norm and TRY SOMETHING NEW; rent movies from the 40s, check out CDs you’d normally ignore (and take the time to really listen to them), try something that none of your friends are into like fencing, or Moroccan food, or astronomy. This is about breaking away from the boring, everyday, predictable life we’re living only because we’re too scared to be ridiculed. We have to stop wearing what’s ‘safe’, saying what people want to hear, and doing what everyone else is doing!

I’m sure if we took the time to really chat with our grandparents (something to put on your TO-DO LIST this summer), and asked them about their best memories, chances are they won’t have stories about ‘the time they played it safe.’ All the good stuff would be about the CRAZY CAREFREE TIMES; when they threw caution to the wind, pushed their COMFORT ZONE to the edge and ended up having the time of their lives (see Discover Paradise, pg. 38).

This summer make memories.

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

Faze Photo Shoot Team, Jayne Rae, Holly, Stephanie, Melissa, Daniel Fung, Fariba
Don’t take life too seriously, have a fun, crazy, challenging and memorable summer! The Faze gang as we wrap a photoshoot: (from left and clockwise) me, Anne Harding (magical makeup artist), Jayne Rae (anything goes associate editor), Daniel Fung (super stylist), Fariba Hashimi (super stylist, too), Yulissa (makeover madness model), Holly Dodson (crazy coy model).

Letters To The Editor

What’s up with you guys? Why waste a page on The Darkness? They suck. They dress weird. They’re full of themselves. Shall I go on?
Jay, 15, Prince George, BC

Hey. Thanks for including The Darkness [Spring 2004]. They rock!
Julia, 13, Scarborough, ON

Your Super Scam article [Winter, 2003] was okay, but if some people are too stupid to see the signs of a con then they deserve to learn the hard way!
Rachel, 18, Ottawa, ON
Editor’s note: Whew! You’re tough. But these con artists are trained in the art of aggressive coercion. Best defense? Like they tell you in school…do your homework!

Thanks for your article on gossip [Psst…, Spring 2004]. I’ve been a victim of gossip way too many times. People need to know that bad rumours and stupid gossip can maybe ruin a person’s life. One of my friends wanted to commit suicide because of a lie someone spread about her. It’s a waste of time and can do real damage.
Angie, 16, Burnaby, BC

I love your makeover pages. Thanks.
Krissy, 13, Cyberspace

I liked your article with Simple Plan [Pressure to Succeed, Spring 2004] about parents putting too much pressure on us. But I think sometimes we need it. I’d probably slack off a lot more if my folks
weren’t constantly on my back.
Jeremy, 17, Jonquiere, QC

Okay. Enough already about obesity. I’m overweight and I’m sick of people looking at me like I have the problem. Why don’t you guys stop judging the way people look. Isn’t that what your magazine is supposed to be about?!
Susan, 16, Cyberspace
Editor’s note: It’s a health issue, not about the way you look.

Faze welcomes letters to the editor.
Please send (with age and where you’re from) to editor@faze.ca

Faze reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.

From Faze Magazine Issue #16

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